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AS a young man growing up on the mouth of one of the Oregon rivers, the Umpqua. My father would always take me boating, fishing and best of all camping on many of oregon's rivers.
All I can remember is whether we got whatever we went after or not, we were having an adventure of a lifetime.

I remember one summer in paticular my father took the whole family camping on Carter lake near Florence Oregon.

Since we were only 10 miles out of town he still commuted back and forth to his job.

I spent everyday exploring the nearby rivers, lakes and sand dunes leading to the pacific ocean, it was the best summer of my life.

I would like you to experience Oregon's rivers as I have, to see how all of them are different and unique in their own way.

oregon rivers Frome the mighty Columbia River with world class fishing, windsurfing, sailboating. To exploring the Hood River area with unlimited nature photography everwhere. To the wild and untamed Illinois river in southern Oregon.

From the John Day river in high desert country.

To the gold producing klamath river in Southeastern Oregon.

One could find adventure in backpacking along the river trails in Mt Hood's many river's and streams.

Experienceing Silver falls state Park and Multnomah falls.

Or you can find the world's best place to windsurf in the Columbia River Basin.

The many Eastern Oregon rivers such as the Deschutes river, Williamson river and crooked river are a haven for whitewater rafting and unbeliveable flyfishing.

Here is a look at fly fishing a typical Oregon river on the coast, Enjoy.

Driving due south past Diamond Lake and Crater Lake, (The deepest lake in North America) you will come to the birthplace of the Umpqua River.

The Rouge River (a five star rafting river) to the gold producing klamath river and many more.

So jump in the Rv, bring the whole family, (don't forget the dog),

Grab your Kayak and your best fishing pole, find a great riverside campsite.

Make a campfire and sharpen a good double hotdog stick (one for the marshmallows and one for the hot dog).

Then get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

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