Clackamas County Parks are abundant with activities .

Clackamas County Parks and the rest of Oregon.

Is a state that boasts a fresh landscape that changes with the seasons and has something to offer everyone who comes here.

From residents to visitors near and far, the parks are abundant with activities for everyone to enjoy during their stay in Oregon.

No matter where you are in this county of Clackamas, there is sure to be a park close to enjoy all that they have to offer.

With over 200 parks to choose from in this county alone.

It is no wonder that the state of Oregon has become one of the most favoured places to go when looking for relaxation and outdoor activity in this area of the United States.

John B Yeon State Park is located along the Columbia River Highway (us 30) and is a Day hiker's dream.

With with easy hiking tails and the hidden gems of two of the most secluded waterfalls in the gorge called Elowah falls and Upper McCord Creek Falls.

This trail is not as well known as some of the other parks in the area so it is usually not crowded.

Elowah Falls has a drop of 289 ft and you can walk underneath it for great photos.

If it is camping that you enjoy during your holiday season.

All of the county parks have camping available from May 1st right through until September 30th in any of the 188 different campsites throughout this area.

There can be some restrictions on reservations or minimum stays for specified sites.

So you will want to check out the details for each campsite before making a final decision for your holiday resting area.

With the options for baseball, volleyball and horseshoe areas at the parks in Clackamas County.

Reservations should be made at the same time as picnic sites to ensure availability of use.

The sports bags with equipment are also available for rental if you so require.

What a fantastic way to spend an afternoon or weekend for a family reunion or a corporate function than booking a picnic site with recreational facilities for everyone to enjoy.

You cannot go wrong when you choose to enjoy time outdoors with friends or family in the comfort of a county park.

There are some developed boating ramps at specified county parks depending on where you are located.

You will have to seek out which ones will fill your need.

If it is just a non-developed boat ramp you require, then there are a few other options available to you within the Clackamas County Parks and Recreation district.

You do want to research which areas you will need before reserving your final destination in order to avoid having a boat that you are unable to use due to lack of launch areas.

Playgrounds within Clackamas County parks are a great place for younger children to enjoy some time outdoors while still spending time with their families on holiday.

Keeping your youngster busy for hours and providing a safe environment for them to play is key for many families, especially while away on vacation.

Often families with young children will seek out campsites that are geared towards children.

In order to not only help everyone become comfortable with their surroundings but also to make certain that those little people are having fun on their holiday too.

With the large diversity of Clackamas County parks, you are sure to find a place that will fit any needs you may have while on holidays.

From outdoor to indoor recreation.

Pet-friendly or family-orientated campsites, or even full-service facilities are all amenities that you can take advantage of while vacationing in Oregon.

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