Welcome to Florence Oregon the gateway to the Oregon Coast.

Florence Oregon is a growing vibrant town that sits at the mouth of the Siuslaw river as it pours into the pacific ocean.

There is a lot to see and do here that you just don't want to miss on your Oregon Adventure.

First up is the revived "Old Town" this the original part of Florence as it was built over 100 years ago on the Siuslaw river where logging and fishing dominated then.

Then if you go north about 11 miles outside of town you will come to the Sea Lion Caves, the only year around home for sea lions on the coast.

This beautiful tourist destiation sits hundreds of feet on a rock clift overlooking the pacific ocean. When you go inside the gift shop you will find many unique and beautiful things that you just must buy, then you pay a fee and go down the stairs to a path on the clift that takes you to an elevator that takes you 200 feet straight down into the rock clift and comes out into the sea lion's cave you walk a little bit and you come to a huge natural cavern where you can see the sea lions jumping onto a big rock in the middle of the cave and see them swim in and out of the cave and they are very noisy, it is a must see as you are visiting Florence.

Sea Lion Caves,Sea Lion

A little futher north is Cape Perpetua the highest point on the Oregon Coast. There you can walk the hiking trails and come out to a look out that is absoutly amazing to see.

Turning back around just south of town they have the access road to the beaches and the jetty that sticks far out into the ocean This is a great place to watch the winter storm breakers roll in a crash on the rocks like thunder.

About 2 miles south of the jetty you come to Dune's City where yep you guessed it you get to ride dune buggys and go carts and swim in a huge family freindly pool, you could easly spend the whole day right here.

As you come back to the center of town maybe a little night life will be good for you at the Three Rivers Casino where you can party the night away and wake up to a beautiful view.

If you have ever lost your photo's before to fire or a flood then you know how much they meant to you.

Don't let that happen again.


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