About me by Glenn Tuttle

Hi,my name is Glenn Tuttle,

What about Glenn Tuttle ?

Well I grew up on an Oregon river called the Umpqua river in a small town called Reedsport.

It was a great place to grow up if you liked the great outdoors.

For the 1st' 18 years of my life I spent most of my free time hunting and fishing all over mostly douglas county, which encompased the Umpqua river watershed.

It wasen't unusual for me to take my fathers 67 chevy 4X4 truck and scope out new and often unexplored fishing sites and hunting places.

When I wasen't doing that I was down on the beach crawling around on the man made jettys that jutted far out into the ocean.

Fooling around on the sand dunes, or starting a campfire just for fun and staying late into the night.

Enjoying the four seasons was something I always looked forward to.

Autumn was my favorite time of year.

All the leaves turning brilliant colors of red's and gold's, purple's and brown's blended among all the douglas fir trees which stayed green all year around.

Autumn was the best time to fish the rivers and streams, Jumping from rock to rock fishing the holes all the little 3 ft waterfalls made over many years.

Deschutes Oregon Rivers

When I was 18, work was a little scarce and my girlfriend and I were planning our future together, So her mother suggested I try the Air Force because it would give us a good life and a good starting point in life.

So I joined up and went away to basic training and then to airplane mechanic school right after.

My girlfriend's brother was in the army and stationed in Germany so I asked to be stationed there also thinking that would be a cool surprise for my girl.

Well when I was ready to go home back to Oregon with my surprise orders for Germany my girl was with our mutual best friend, (I'll bet that has never happened to anybody before).

So off to Germany I went, Not really wanting to go there but that didn't matter, Orders were orders.

Well turns out my girlfriend was smarter than Glenn Tuttle was, I had the time of my life.

Traveling every weekend to castle tours, Wine tours, Snow skiing year around,and the beer, Well let's just say the beer in Germany is it's own food group.

Well two years passed quickly and Glenn Tuttle soon found himself in Miami Fl.

"Wow", what a cool place, I had never been in a tropical environment before.

I had never imagined I would ever swim in the ocean, Even growing up on the Pacific Ocean it was always too cold.

So I there I was enjoying South Florida, South Beach and the keys, swimming, got my scuba license and life was good.

Glenn Tuttle always thought he could go home to Oregon anytime he wanted to.

But Glenn Tuttle was about to meet his match.

I finished up my tour of duty, decided to get out and do something else for awhile.

Well I bounced around from job to job a bit then I landed a solid job at a Dodge car dealership.

I had to eat right ?

Well there was this pretty young thing that always handed out the ketchup to everybody at burger king and I really like ketchup. (Another food group thing).

To make a long story short my happy ketchup baby and I wound up getting married, which was tough because she didn't speak english and I don't speak spanish, But with the help from friends, family, and complete strangers our relationship held.

We would drive all over Miami with 3 translating dictionaries trying to "talk" to each other, We finally ended up with our own version of "Spanglish".

Then about nine years later my wife had a big accident with a tree.

Among her many injuries were 2 open chest exploratory surgerys, a brain contusion, and paralysis from the waist down.

Well life just changed It was no longer "about me"

Things like that only happen to other people on tv.

So now what ?

Well one thing Glenn Tuttle is I was never one to run away from my problems, so I looked in the mirror and told myself "it's your turn so deal with it".

It soon became clear it was going to be tough to return back to Oregon due to the multitude of doctor specialist and therapy sessions she needed.

So, since I was missing Oregon a lot, the only place I could consistantly turn to was the internet.

Reading about my home town and looking at all the pictures and seeing the four seasons everybody was enjoying, I really grew homesick.

One day as I was cruising the net I was looking for a way to make an income so I could someday be able to stay at home full time and take care of my wife better, I came across an ad for a way to build your own business about anything you liked.

Now I don't know about you but I had spent 7 years buying and trying many get rich quick programs, or make 1,000 per week in your pajama's crap.

Does this sound familiar ?

It should, I realized it was still about me and not about my visitors.

I think that's the number one reason people fail in business and in life, they unknowingly go thru life with an "About Me" mentality.

If my wife ever found out how much money I have spent trying to make a honest and sustainable living "on the net", She would run over me in her electric wheelchair.

So I read everything I could about this SBI company, and everything I read made common sense.

SBI, which stands for "Site Build It" began to show me a way that I could build a web site about Oregon, and even turn it into an income using a technique called C-T-P-M.

I'm not a good salesman, I was not born with the gift of gab like some people, so I really was happy when I was shown how to succeed on the net without the gift of gab.

The one thing that stuck in my head was that I could begin a buisness about anything that I was passionate about.

Well that was easy, nothing gets me more excited than bringing out of my closet all my Oregon books with lot's of pictures in them.

Most people I meet here in Miami don't even know where Oregon is let alone know how beautiful it is.

That's when my web site www.oregon-rivers-adventures.com and this "Glenn Tuttle" page was born.

I learned that there was no "Magic Trick" to building a successful online income.

The "Get Rich Quick" mentality was not going to work for me.

The "What About Me" attitude.

Finely I truly for the first time felt that I had found what I was looking for.

A real business about Glenn Tuttle.

It was whatever "I" wanted not what some one else "wanted" me to sell.

Let's face it everybody seems to be looking for that "work from home" miracle to magically fall into their lap, I know I was.

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Last year my step son signed up for adult night college, So I asked him what he was studying to be and he told me that a mutual friend of he and his wife was making 80,000 per year as a parlegal.

Well that was shocking for me, So first I congratulated my step son on trying to better himself.

Then I informed him that this occupation dosen't make sense for his personality.

You see he likes outdoor stuff and military stuff and all sports, he works out at a "man's" gym, I really didn't see him sitting is a room full of old case histories writing a pre-trial brief for a law firm.

Yes, he changed his major 3 times now.

Look I don't care how much something pays, you need to first be happy to do it, especially if you have a choice.

I see many many college student changing their major after the first year of college.

So it is clear they don't have a clear path as to what they want.

I think many people are in this same position in life right now more than ever.

What if you would like to start up a web business of your own but you don't have any idea what kind of business you could do, Who would listen to you, What do I "sell", I'm not an expert at anything.

It's refreshing to find a company that doesn't have a "Just About Me" philosophy, Because it isn't "About Me", It's "About You".

Well "It's About You" is just what "SBI" was created for.

So for me,"Glenn Tuttle" this site building concept was perfect for me.

Introducing the all new "SBI e-learning" course just for people like me and you who have never sold anything before and is super scared that I will fail at this just like I did every other time before.

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Glenn Tuttle