Little Adventures in Southern Oregon

Little adventures in southern Oregon is about relieving all the bent up stress we get living our day to day lives.

Sometimes you just need to "get away from it all".

River rafting in Oregon is just the ticket.

You just find the nearest river, put in your boat or maybe rent one, and take a little adventure down the river letting all your troubles float away.

Or for a hell of a ride down the Rogue River try this on for size.

Anywhere in Oregon is pure bliss to do this but Southern Oregon, around the Rouge river valley and up in the Applegate valley are full of wide open clean spaces to escape from your daily stresses that life throws at you.

I know that whenever things get complicated at home or at work and the kids are getting to you, take a break, grab the wife and kids and go on a outdoor adventure.

Applegate Valley is one of Oregon's best kept secrets.

The small towns of Murphy and Williams make you feel like you just went back in time like in the sitcom "Mayberry".

Murphy is just south of "Grants Pass" where Murphy creek and the Applegate river meet.

This area is Ideal for all kinds of little adventures outdoors like hiking,camping,boating, and even gold prospecting.

The town of "Williams is about 20 mile futher south and seems to be a great hideout for artist who just love the seperation from the big city life.

Applegate lake is nearby as it runs all the way to the California border, with around 17 or 18 miles of hiking along it's shore, with places to fish swim and of course boating.

Southern Oregon has just completed the "Greenway" project, It connects Ashland to the city of Central Point with 5 other citys along the way.

There are miles of hiking trails and places for kayaking and byclicle trails for your family to safely enjoy all these adventures and more.

Another place to take your family to in Southern Oregon is the Wild Life Images Animal Sactuary.

Started in 1981 by David Siddon they care for all injured, sick and orphaned animals of ever kind, This is one cool place to visit for another adventure.

GREAT CATS WORLD PARK is another great day trip adventure your whole family will love. Get to experience big cats up close and personal your kids will remember this trip for life.

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