Oregon Beaverton a Family Friendly City

At the foothills of Mt.Hood lies Oregon beaverton one of the best cities to live in in America.

Covered Wagon

This photo is of downtown Troutdale which is close by.

Unbelievably this city has so many parks that they have at least one park whithin a half mile of every home in the city limits.

With around 30 miles of walking and running paths together with a connected network of bycicle paths of around 25 miles.

So as you can imagine getting to work or walking the dog or just to be able to go enjoy a beautiful day is easy here.

The Beaverton's Farmers Market regualry see 15,000 visitor a day and are serviced by more that 100 local vendors that grow and produce their own food so it's fresh every day.

The city is very progresive when it comes to housing also, They have every thing from city Lofts, to tract neighborhoods, to affordable housing.

Add into the mix many different religions and shared beleifs and you have a community that works well together.

Just imagine the every day you could look out your window or just step outside your door look to the east and see a magnificent year around snow capped mountain that is within a 45 minuite drive or go in the oposite direction for about 45 minuites and visit the Pacific Ocean in all it's glory.

Yeah' I could see you living here in beaverton too!

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