Oregon Hood River, Four Season's of Outdoor Bliss

Oregon Hood River

Few town's say outdoor living is a way of life like Oregon Hood River. Here exploring all that the great outdoors of the Northwest has to offer will carry you thru all four seasons.

The Columbia river commands the greatest attention with year around fishing opportunities for salmon, bass, sturgen and more.

Belive it or not a fishing secret from 1947 has been released to the public and has set the fishing world everywhere into a feeding frenzy.

It dosen't matter if you are living or visiting Oregon's Hood River is the magical community that looks like it was carved out of a Thomas Kinkade photo.

Hood Oregon

I can only imagine what it would be like to fly around in a ultralight or one of those flying kite things with a big fan pushing you so I could get a real birds eye view and be able to get lot's of one of a kind photo's.

The columbia river gourge is positioned in such a way that the wind whips past the town Hood River and creates the opportunity for world class wind surfing and kite surfing.

Surfers come from all over the world every year to practice and compete, It creates a spectacle of color and action usually reserved for more exotic location like Hawaii or Australia, But nothing compares to Oregon Hood River with the majestic Mt. Hood on one side and Washington state on the other side with all these world class surfers surfing the mighty Columbia river right in the middle.

On a more conservative note like most communities in Oregon, Hood River allows you unsurpassed peace and tranquility that allows you to get away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Or if you prefer there are numerous "Made in Oregon" stores where you can get many home made items from local merchants, and take free tours of the local wineries and micro brewery's.

I just love to follow any small river or stream and fish for native trout, take Hood River for example, It cost very little to grab your light tackle fishing pole and some spinners and start walking up and down the stream casting in the fast moving water looking for hard fighting native trout or maybe even a brown trout that are even bigger and fight harder.

My dad grew up around Beaverton Oregon a suburb of Portland, It's less than an hour's drive to Oregon Hood River, So his dad took him on many trips to the Mt Hood wilderness and Hood River area to camp and fish, Those are the memories that stay with you forever.

Then as evening sets come back to your truck and make a little fire along the riverbank, cook some hot dogs and marshmelow's, spin fishing tales with your buddy's or your dog then put out the fire pack up and go home and enjoy the view, Yeah that's Oregon, Hood River style.

Oregon Hood River

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