Portland Balloons Flying Above Beautiful Willamette Valley

Portland balloons flying over oregon has always been one of the most scenic places to spend time outdoors with a variety of sights for everyone to enjoy.

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With such sights as waterfalls, rivers, campgrounds, and snow covered mountains.

Or even just enjoying the peace and quiet with a hot air balloon ride.

You are sure to be amazed at all that Oregon has to offer.

Portland balloons are just one of the many outdoor options that you can experience at any age.

Hot ballooning has made itself known for its calming, tranquil natural feeling.

One can enjoy the scenery of Oregon while suspended high above the ground at a level that you could not even imagine.

The view from portland balloons is breathtaking and cannot be compared to anything else like it.

Difficult to duplicate, hard to explain, the entire process of a hot air balloon ride will stay with you forever once you have had the opportunity to enjoy this remarkable activity.

Typically, Portland oregon hot air balloons will have scheduled rides at sunrise or sunset.

This is to take advantage of not only the breathtaking scenery.

But also the calmness and clarity of the air in order to maximize the entire benefit of your trip above.

One cannot even imagine how a sunrise or sunset looks while gliding through the air anywhere from 500 to 1,000 feet above the Oregon landscape below.

The entire process of riding Portland hot air balloons is a completely individualized experience all of its own.

Before you begin, there will be a flight debriefing and help prepare the balloon for its flight.

Riding in the basket will be remarkable since it is such a smooth ride you will barely feel the lift off of the balloon into the air.

Enjoy your time while gliding through the Oregon landscape.

A ride like this does not happen every day.

This trip usually lasts approximately an hour and then toasted with a glass of champagne to mark the special occasion.

Portland hot air balloons are available for a number of functions or personalized events as well as regular scenic tours.

Many people have used the hot air experience to mark a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary or even to get married.

There are a number of options for having a corporate group tour.

Or you could have the hot air balloon tethered for employee picnics or functions.

No matter what your occasion is, you are sure to find a hot air balloon experience that will fit well with your guests.

Do not forget your camera for your tour.

It would be a shame to experience the thrill of floating high above the ground below and have a clear view of a morning sunrise or evening sunset without the ability to cherish that moment with a picture to enjoy for all time.

Family and friends will love to share in the photo moments that you capture while suspended in the air for in those remarkable Clackamas hot air balloons.

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