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Being Born and raised in Reedsport Oregon on the Oregon coast was the best place to grow up, Everyday of the year there was something to go see and explore.

Leaving Reedsport heading south often I would go to Winchester Bay and fish on the docks and I would also throw in a crab ring at the same time so I'd be crabing and fishing at the same time and I never went home empty handed.

Sometimes I would hang out on the beach and walk out onto to huge rocks that make up the jetty where the Umpqua river meets the Pacific ocean, There was always treasures to be found on the jetty that the ocean deposited there expecialy after a large storm, I have found fishing equipment and lures, Floating japanese glass balls, Parts of boats and numerous other things that always float onto the Oregon Coast.

The oregon Coast is full of tide pools and huge rocks some with caverns in them that can go all the way thru to the other side.

Here is a picture of starfish clinging to the rocks at low tide.

Oregon coast starfish

Here is a wonderful coastal tide pool near Reedsport Oregon that every 12 hours as the tide changes so do these tide pools as different sea life get caught in the pools of salt water the receding tide leaves behind, So virtually ever time you visit the same tide pool it will be a little different than 12 hours ago and is great for your family to explore time and time again just be careful of the returning tide and never turn your back on the ocean.

oregon Coast Tide Pool

In Winchester Bay you can also rent dune buggys and ride natural sand dunes up to 500 ft high, and when your done with that they have the best pizzeria for miles around.

Right above the beach was the Umpqua River Lighthouse that has been operating for more than 100 years, From the parking lot you can see the central oregon coast for 20 to 30 miles out to sea and people watch the whales migrate twice a year.

Just down the hill from the light house is Lake Marie, A beautiful coastal lake full of trout and bass. This was my first swimming hole in my life, The lake has a well mantained 1 mile trail around it with places to fish and make a small campfire.

Lake Marie also has a large day use area and a full campsite perfect for anthing from a tent to an A-Class motorhome and if you don't have these things you can still rent a yurt for overnight camping.

If you drive about 20 miles south of Reedsport Oregon you come to Dunes City and Lakeside, both these town's live up to their names, In Dunes City about the only thing to do is visit the dune buggy rental place which I have to tell you is an absolute must do on your to do list, You can rent a real dune buggy and go all day on miles of dunes that are about 5 miles wide and 20 miles long at that point. The dunes are about 50 miles long stetching north to Florence but you have to go way around the Umpqua River and most guides don't mention this.

About 15 miles south of reedsport Oregon is Lakeside they are known for the huge 10 mile lake that has pulled many trophy bass out of it and plenty of crapie and trout and if your lucky a land locked salmon, but if you just like to water ski and jet ski this lake is great with many long arms of water reaching far up different tree filled canyons with many beautiful homes and cabins tucked neatly in amongst the huge Douglas Fir trees, It's reall hard to go wrong here.

Leaving Reedsport Oregon heading due west up hwy 38 takes you along the blue green Umpqua River and just 2 miles outside of town you come to the Deen Creek elk viewing area where for 50 years a large heard of Rosevelt Elk call home, You can watch them fight for mates in the fall and watch the young play in the spring.

Traveling 13 miles out of Reedsport you come to Loon Lake Road, turn right and go about 9 miles to Loon lake one of the local favorite summer hidouts that is fast becoming a hotspot for campers, water ski'ers and vacationers from all parts of the USA.

If you like to trout fish in streams full of deep Gorges and hidaway waterfalls with deep pools and small pockets of un-fished paradise then the stream leading back down the hill directly after the bridge that seperates Loon Lake from it's runoff is where it starts, It's very bushy and hard to access but once you are in the gorge you will be all alone in a trout stream paradise.

Another favorite river of mine is the Smith River just 2 miles north of Reedsport Oregon where you can follow smith river road for miles and miles all the way over the coastal mountain range to the Willamette valley.

Along the way are countless places to fish and swim and maybe grab an inner tube or raft and float down class 1 and 2 rapids.

I remember catching crawdads with my trout net and tear off the tails and throw the meat on a hook and drop it into any one of hundreds of holes in the river rock or into a small 1 or 2 foot waterfall up and down the river and there was always a good sized trout that would gobble that crawdad tail.

My other favorite method to catch trout up Smith River would to find a fast running stretch of the river at a shalow place maybe 3 feet to 6 inches deep and cast a rooster tail spinner bait up and all the way across the river and let the fast current pick up the lure then I would set the crank and reel it in kind of quickly and the lure would sweep across the whole river in one motion and if there was a trout anywhere near that stretch of river it would go for it everytime.

So as you can see living in Reedsport Oregon and being a outdoor kind of person you don't have to travel very far to have all the adventure you could want.

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