Let's Go River Rafting Oregon's White Water Rivers

River Rafting as a family adventure vacation destination has exploded in popularity in the last 5 to 7 years and rafting Oregon's white water rivers has risen to the top of all states.

For years the natural beauty and wild unspoiled rivers of Oregon was only experienced by a lucky few thrill seekers and professionals.

The Oregon cascade's recieve up to 150 inches of snow fall every year.

As that snow melts, it creates some of the world's best river runs that you could ever experience.

A few years ago, rafting Oregon's rivers was mostly a local fun thing to do, now it has gained world wide acclaim.

Rafting trips on Oregon's wild and scenic rivers are becoming so popular that it is highly recommended you book your trip well in advance.

Little Adventures abound everywhere in Oregon, But visiting Southern Oregon is an adventure a minute because everywhere you turn there is something new to discover.

Here are a few of the most popular rafting companies operating in southern and eastern Oregon.


Oregon Rafting
this company is all the adventure you can handle. This company lives, eats, and breathes the great outdoors.

is a ecologically minded Adventure travel company supplying adventure trips of 3 to 6 days. The rivers they run are the Middle Fork of the salmon river in Idaho along withe the Rogue river and Owyhee river in southern Oregon.

ECHO was selected by Adventure Magazine as one of the best Adventure Travel companies on earth.

has been a leader in adventure travel and white water rafting for more than 40 years. They welcome adventurers of all ages to multi-sport vacations white water rafting and sea kayaking in oregon and around the globe.

has been rafting the Rogue River in southern Oregon for 25 years combining white water tours with trail hiking trips in and around the Rogue River valley. Offering special trips such as Woman's Rafting Trips and Food and Wine rafting trips.

are ready for you to experience Oregon River Rafting throughout the entire state. Trips range from daily to seven days. They run the North Umpqua River, Grand Ronde River, John Day River, McKenzie River, Owyhee River and the Deschutes River.

Welcome to over 30 yeas of River Rafting trips. Covering Oregon and Washington states. Come join us for an unforgettable trip. www.raftingtours.com/rafting.htm
We take your fun very seriously, we understand you may only do this once in a lifetime. Not only do we river raft the Rogue River,Upper Klamath River,North Umpqua River,Salmon River, Owyhee River, and Scott River, we also offer Mountain Biking Tours and Horseback Riding on the Pacific Crest Trail.

We offer expert guided River Rafting trip on Ten of the Northwest's best Rivers. Guided tours range from 1 to 5 days in both Oregon and Idaho. The rivers we run are The Rogue River, Clackamas River, Salmon River, Deschutes River, Owyhee River, Umpqua River, Santiam River, Grande Ronde River, Upper John Day River, Lower John Day River, and the McKenzie River.

Run the Rogue from Morrison's Roge River Lodge for an unforgettable home town feel. From children to seniors we take the whole family.

Welcome to Sun country, we have been serving Oregon's visitors since 1978. We run the Upper Deschutes River,McKenzie River, North Umpqua River, and Lower Deschutes River.

We specialize the Deschutes River allowing time for fishing , camping and just enjoying the great outdoors in the great Northwest.

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