Your Columbia River Boating Adventure.

Let’s go Columbia River boating.

We can travel for miles along the river and have more fun than you have had
for years.

Get on board and the boat ride will be an adventure that you and your family will be wanting to repeat.

The fishing is great.

You can catch salmon, sturgeon, bass, or walleye, depending on the time of year.

The Columbia River is a salmon fishing paradise.

If you do not hook Coho or Springer, you might just get lucky and catch the king salmon.

If so, the camera is ready. We can get a great picture of you and your big catch.

Look to your left

That is the city of Portland resting on the banks of the Columbia.

Fishing guides from this city know the river and can take you exactly where you need to be to catch the best fish.

So, who’s up for fish for dinner tonight?

When we get upriver a ways, you will see the small town of Hood River, Oregon.

Have you heard of them? They are beginning to be known for world class windsurfing and kite surfing.

Pro-surfers have discovered this town and this is one of their favorite spots.

You will see plenty of this on your family adventure. You might want to learn how to do this yourself.

If you are really up for a family adventure, how about the mountain climbing, rock climbing, or ice wall climbing?

If you have never done this, you are in for a treat.

Let’s get the camera ready because this is definitely a picture you will want to share with family and friends.

They are going to be so envious of the fun you have had. They will want to know all about your Columbia River boating trip.

Choose what you want to do. There is skiing, which of course will be on your list.

White water rafting is the family adventure of a lifetime.

Hiking will mean you can see a lot of the great scenery Oregon has to offer and this is another time to keep the camera handy.

For the more daring person in your family, skydiving, paragliding, and hang gliding is going to keep you up for quite a while.

You can become addicted to bungee jumping but let’s not forget, there is a skateboard park and an aquatic center to see.

When you decide to come down for a while, some family members might like to visit one of the microbreweries that Oregon, and Hood River in particular, is famous for.

The Full Sailing Brewing Company has a great line-up of homemade beers for you to sample.

Try the local favorite, a beer called Session.

This vacation just keeps getting better and better.

Both Mom and Dad might enjoy the choice of fruit stands and wineries that found thruout the contry side.

If you lived here year round, you would be in paradise.

You would be so busy with all the things to do that it would be hard to find a quiet evening to sit around the fireplace and enjoy a great glass of wine from Oregon.

Though I am sure you could find an evening to do so.

The kids would be so busy they wouldn’t be hanging around claiming to be bored.

So, have you enjoyed this Columbia River boating tour?

If you are daydreaming about the great fish you just caught and do not want to come back to reality, let’s just take a little more time to visit the rest of my website.

When you snap back to reality, grab the phone, call your travel agency, and book your flight to the PDX International Airport in Portland.

Have a rental car or suv waiting for you

Hit the scenic byway for about 60 miles until you are at Hood River.

Your family adventure is on.

Columbia River boating is at your service.

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