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Multnomah Oregon is better known as Portland Oregon is unmatched in adventure for the whole family whether it be in the city or outside the city.

The first thing you see as you depart from Portland's PDX airport is the majestic Mt. Hood.

You can see the mountain from just about anywhere in the city you go.

Here are some great pictures and video's of Multnomah County Oregon and the surrounding area from google maps.

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There are many things for family's to see and do in Multnomah Oregon like go to the

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry open since 1944 it is located right on the bank of the Willamette River and they have too many things going on there to list here.

Portland Art Museum started in 1892 and today is the largest in the northwest united states with over 40,000 objects both indoor and outdoor exibits.

Washington Park is one of the local's favorite parks it is about 130 acres in size with beautiful landscaped meadows perfect for a summer picnic and miles of trails to jog or bike on, They even have an archery range a zoo an Amphitheatre and more, A must see in the heart of Multnomah County Oregon.

The Oregon Zoo is always a shure bet when visiting with your family with wildlife from around the globe and the most successful elephant breeding program with around 27 calves born here.

With Wildlife Live! Summer Shows - (Weather permitting) and "Simulator Thrill Ride", Throw in the "Zoolights in December", A "light show" that trills the young and old alike, And finaly let's not forget about the "Dinosaurs" an experience like you never seen before.

The International Rose Test Garden Is an amazment of over 7,000 rose plants with over 550 varieties from around the world including the rescue of roses from europe from world war I when it was felt they could be lost forever in the conflict.

The Portland Classical Chinese Garden. The garden was built by 65 workers from Suzhou using plants that were growing around Oregon.

They were originally from China that were brought here before the import ban forbid this.

So as you can imagine it's a miricle this garden came to be at all.

The Portland Japanese Garden is a traditional Japanese garden which usualy in japan take up to 300 years to create.

It was built between 1963 to 1967 yet it was ranked first out of 300 public Japanese gardens outside of Japan, and considered to be one of the most authentic.

japanese garden picture

The Pittock Mansion is a great tour destination as it overlooks portland on a 46 acre 22 room mansion.

The city of portland rescued it in 1964 from land developers that probably were going to tear it down for a tract housing development.

As you can see it was the right decision to rescue this piece of history.

So as you can see Multnomah County Oregon is the place to be when you decide on a city adventure for your whole family.

From history to the future and everything in between Multnomah Oregon has it all.

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