My Oregon River Adventure

by Jackie

I have always been a lover of marine life and water-based adventures, and so an invitation by my friends to accompany them on a canoeing trip to Oregon was a pleasant surprise. I was expecting to have a lot of fun on this three day trip and was really excited.

My friends had made arrangements for canoeing on Rock River that starts from Mississippi and passes through Oregon. The river meanders a lot and provides an interesting landscape for canoeing. Our deal included a canoe, snacks, swim gear, and some souvenirs.

Although the entire trip passed without any major accident and went smoothly, yet there was one incident that was unforgettable and incredibly hilarious.

I was sitting in the canoe and fell asleep for just a split second. My friends were paddling and the warm lazy afternoon lulled me to sleep. My mischievous friends decided to act funny and jumped into the river and started to rock the boat. I quickly got up and looked around. Not finding my friends anywhere, I panicked and started to search for them desperately. They kept on rocking the boat, and I was terrified. Finally, when they saw I was really frightened, they came up gasping for breath and laughing hysterically at the same time.

Although I was relieved to see them, but was equally annoyed at the stunt they had pulled.

Now, many years later, whenever we look back and talk about our Oregon trip, we fondly remember this incident. My friends mimic the horrified look on my face and crack up. And I no longer feel angry; instead I join them in their laughter.

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