Timberline Mt Hood is the crown jewel for residents or visitors to oregon alike.

For residents or visitors to Oregon, the options for outdoor recreation on Timberline Mt Hood are unlimited.

There are a variety of activities year round for people of all ages to enjoy.

If it is spring, summer and fall activities that you prefer, things such as hiking or biking trails, camping and fishing, or even white water rafting can attract many to this area.

Those who enjoy the winter sports more, skiing, snowboarding or even snow shoeing are just a few of the many options you will have for these cold winter months.

Oregon’s landscape is ever changing and with the different seasons come all new activities and scenery to enjoy.

Families can enjoy the Timberline Mt Hood area with a number of choices.

Starting with the Holly Railroad Miniature Train rides.

A family fun center in Wilsonville that houses bumper boats, batting cages, go carts, miniature golf, as well as 20 other attractions that are built around family fun and enjoyment.

Skate parks and an indoor arcade are also just part of the overall package that is timberline Mt Hood.

If it is skiing that your family enjoys during the winter months, be sure to partake in the Mt Hood’s Magic Mile ski lift as part of this area’s outdoor recreation.

The Mt Hood area houses 4 ski resorts consisting of everything that you and your family require to have the perfect time on the slopes.

From a full-service clubhouse, individualized lift passes for days, nights or even the entire season.

Throw in onsite lodging and you are sure to have a fantastic time while enjoying the outdoors of Clackamas Mt Hood.

With first-time lesson packages to private or adaptive lessons, you can enjoy professional instruction at any time of the year at your convenience no matter what your skill level.

One of the largest fruit growing areas in Oregon.

The valley at the foot of Portland Oregon Mt Hood produces apricots, blueberries, apples and pears.

These are abundant due to the fertile nature of the soil due to the volcanic slopes that have enriched the land below these magnificent hills.

Be sure to dabble in a little wine tasting when visiting this area of Oregon to experience the homegrown grapes that make up the local vintages.

With a vast historical background, Portland and the Mt Hood area has many arts and cultural centers to explore.

Great for those who prefer the indoor activities during those days where it is difficult to be outside in the rain, wind or snow.

The Baker Cabin is just one of the many pioneer homes that you can explore while in this area or spend some time at the Barlow Road Tollgates.

The International Museum of Carousel Art is one of the most comprehensive collections around for many to enjoy along with other interpretive centers or discovery museums.

In the area of Clackamas in Mt Hood is an abundance of enjoyment both indoors and outdoors.

This makes this area of Oregon a favourite place to spend time year round.

There is always something to see and do no matter what the weather conditions are or what season it is during the year

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